Understanding LinkedIn Campaign Ideas

Display ads and dynamic ads work differently than previously submitted LinkedIn ads. Although theoretically similar to Text Ads, the process for obtaining them is substantially different. Instead of using the Campaign Manager, these advertisements are targeted through the Demand Side Platform (DSP) or the Agency Trading Desk: open auctions. LinkedIn also offers the option of LinkedIn Private Auctions to marketers.

If you want to find out if you or your company have access to the advertising benefits of this format, you must make direct contact with LinkedIn (if you are not directly involved in marketing, please let the marketing agency you work with generate LinkedIn Campaign Ideas).

The LinkedIn Display Ads work according to the principle of Programmatic Advertising: this concept describes the process of buying personalized advertisements through a real-time auction, which is updated with times close to the millisecond.

Again you have to make an offer. At this point you will not fail to indicate your bank details and your InMail will be automatically sent to the reference group. If you win the auction with your bid, you only have to pay the difference between your bid and the second placed bid, and therefore not the whole bid amount.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads also belong to the advertisements available on LinkedIn. This form of marketing strongly reminds the traditional advertising insertions. But even to use Text Ads you need to create a new campaign on LinkedIn. So choose a name and choose the language of the ad. Once done, you can start configuring the ad and LinkedIn Campaign Ideas. The points that must be taken into consideration are the following:

What is the purpose of the announcement?

Do you prefer to refer to your company profile, to the job offers page on LinkedIn or to your website? Decide if you want to generate traffic on your website or on LinkedIn, or if you still intend to promote job offers available at your company.

What is the title you want to give it? Create a short slogan of up to 25 characters, which goes directly to the point of the question. What effect does the text of your advertisement make? Here you can deal with the theme or the question in more detail. The goal is to intrigue the reader and get him to want to know more.

What image do you want to attach to the text?

The image should not be the logo of your company. Prefer an image that is appropriate in relation to the content of your ad. Experience shows that images with people are particularly suitable. A campaign is not necessarily linked to a single ad. So use various Text Ad and evaluate which one is more successful among users.

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