5 Safest Jewelry To Flaunt Your Sensitive Skin

If you notice some irritation after wearing a necklace all day, then your skin might be allergic to metal. Impurities can cause pain and rashes, especially on your neck. But you don’t have to give up on accessorizing your dressing because there are five allergy safe jewelry options in the market.

Karat Gold

Any gold that is 14k or higher is skin-friendly. The rest contain impurities that trigger skin reactions. White gold contains nickel or some white metals that give it a white color. Yellow gold is alloyed with brass, copper, or silver in different ratios. The safest approach is to check weight so you can gauge the amount of gold in the piece of jewelry you want to buy. The ultimate standard of gold purity is Karat. Avoid potential allergies by picking 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. Steer clear of any gold-plated label, and your sensitive skin will thank you.


The precious metal is more durable than gold and quite rare. Its naturally white color hardly fades or develops lust. Platinum jewelry is allergy-safe as it doesn’t contain harmful alloys. You will find a great collection of fine platinum pieces ranging from Iridium, Ruthenium, to Cobalt. They are very common for wedding bands and engagement rings due to their brightness, nearly wet and white-silver looks.


Many grooms choose tungsten rings because of their toughness. The metal is three times stronger than titanium. It doesn’t need to be mixed with a skin-irritating metal to make it attractive as it stands out on its own. Tungsten jewelry comes in various styles like black, faceted, satin, and laser engraved rings. The most scratch-resistant metal on earth is tungsten carbide and has a nice weight. Plus, the rings are easy to remove from the finger during medical emergencies.

Palladium Alloys

Palladium is white, lustrous and almost pure like platinum. Rather than buying copper and nickel, go for allergy safe jewelry made of palladium alloys. But it’s less dense- the reason it is less expensive than platinum.


Tantalum is a precious metal with 99% purity, meaning it has zero reactive qualities. Highly resistant to corrosion, tantalum is resilient and considered more economical than other popular metals for men’s wedding rings.

If you are allergic to a necklace, it is more likely you’ve worn a nickel piece. Avoid chains made of brass, copper, gold-copper alloys, yellow and white gold. Stick to pure, hypoallergenic earrings, bungles, and necklaces. The above five options are gentle on the skin.

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