Benefits Of Physical Education For Toddlers

The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. They range between one to four years. During this stage, a toddler develops new skills through watching and doing. It is a rather exciting milestone for both the toddler and mother. However, each toddler develops at his/her own rate and it is advisable not to rush or even force a toddler into mimicking the other. It is in the toddler years that a kid learns to walk steadily. Therefore, regular physical activities are a recommendation as the toddler gets to strengthen leg reflexes and muscles. Physical Education for Toddlers would best suit this aim.

Physical Education for Toddlers

Since a toddler is learning to move in general, Physical Education for Toddlers will involve a lot of jumping and fun-filled activities. These activities are usually adult-led and may involve various activities like:


Toddlers enjoy rhythm and would sway to music with ease. This is close to a mini cardio, only with less vigorous and child-friendly motion. With dance, the children will have the needed physical exercise while having fun.

Hide and seek

This is one of the most common activity amongst all children. It is an interesting outdoor activity which toddlers love and gives them the much-needed exercise.

Play ball

For a toddler, a ball is the next favorite thing after candy. Rolling, tossing and kicking the ball gives sufficient body workout and strengthens the little one’s limbs.

Obstacle course

A fun indoor activity which will have a toddler busy and occupied. One can use household available items such as pillows and low baby-proofed furniture.

Follow the leader

Toddlers love to imitate adults. Follow the leader is a great activity which will help the kid develop motor skills and the physical body. The adult can lead in activities such as marching, skipping, jumping, clapping, wiggling, just to name a few.

Doing chores

Though not the typical fun physical activity, doing toddler possible chores like keeping toys away after playtime is a good activity. This way, not only does the kid become physically active, but also imbibes an important life skill of self-sufficiency.

Benefits of the physical education

The various physical activities carried out present various benefits, such as:

Strengthening body muscles, heart and bones
Increasing stability. This is essential as the toddler has just learned how to walk without support.
Improving cognitive skills
Enhancing motor skills
Enhancing independence

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