Choosing ATV Tyres For Sale Wisely

Knowing how to choose ATV tyres for sale is important for getting the right tyres for your needs at the best possible price. The tyre market for all terrain vehicles sports an incredible selection, so it’s critical to choose the right tyre for your style of driving and the terrain where you’ll be driving. All-terrain tyres are the most common choice because they provide good traction on multiple types of driving conditions, and they provide long-lasting tread.

Replacing your ATV tyres becomes one of the most frequent aftermarket accessories that you buy for your ATV, but the myriad choices can make your choice challenging and confusing. The expense of quality ATV tyres also amounts to a major investment for many vehicle owners. The best strategy is to investigate the following issues before choosing an ATV tyre.

Structural Composition

Most tyres that come from the factory on ATVs are relatively poor quality 2-ply tyres, which puncture easily. Getting 4-ply aftermarket tyres is recommended. You should also choose tyres with a wide, deep tread and stiff rubber to prevent wear and punctures.


Sizing ATV tyres consists of three numbers: height, width and rim diameter. For example, 25 inches tall, 12 inches wide and a rim diameter of 9 are common measurements. Ideally, you should match your tires as closely as possible. Small variances are common and usually don’t affect fit.

Your Driving Needs

How and where you drive determines the quality of the ATV tyres you should choose for best performance. For example, driving frequently on sand in the desert or at the beach requires a sand tyre for best performance. The five types of ATV tyres available include:

• All-purpose tyres for multiple surfaces
• Sand tyres
• Mud tyres
• Motocross tyres
• Off-road tyres

Knowing When Your ATV Tyres Need Replacing

Your driving needs can fluctuate based on how you drive, where you drive and how much you drive under certain conditions. Your old, worn tyres need replacing for better performance, greater road and off-road safety and increased fuel efficiency. Often, you know when your tyres are getting shabby. You might experience trouble when driving on challenging surfaces or detect cornering problems that can cause tail spins.

That’s why it’s important to inspect your tyres regularly – especially after rigorous traveling. If you detect severe wear patterns in the tread, dry, cracked rubber or rounded knobs in tyre grippers, the time has come to consider tyre replacements.

Check your tyre pressure before each use because pressure can affect how tyres perform. Over- or under-inflated tyres wear out faster and don’t handle the surface as well as properly inflated tyres. Worn tyres look weathered, and your tyres should always look fresh with a dark color. The normal shelf life of ATV tyres runs between 4 and 5 years.

Choosing ATV tyres for sale wisely can save you money on towing, breakdowns and accidents, so don’t choose tyres solely on the basis of price. You get what you paid for in almost every case.

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