Decorating With A Bright Pink Rug

Decorating styles are changing every season. The bright pink rug is back after a long hiatus. In the 60’s it was extremely popular and now it’s making a resurgence. Shoppers will find pink in a variety of shopping markets because many unusual makers are weaving and making area rugs in pink.

The shopper can find all kinds of incarnations of pink in the form of an area rug. Consider adding an 11’x 14′ Pink Moroccan trellis rug to a room or a 4’x 6′ Imperial Cypress fuchsia rug to your bedroom. The options are plentiful as pink is the new hot color.

If you’re creative, you might try a 4’x 6′ fluffy faux furry rug to add a bold statement to your space. You may be more conservative and prefer to branch out into the pink world tentatively. If you do start out with a Turkish polyester rug in bright pink and sea foam. A super soft hot pink 5′ x 7′ shag rug in densely woven polyester will capture the eye of any visitor. This could greet your guests as they enter your country home or your cosmopolitan apartment in the city.

In a neutral room, you can pair your pink rug with a painting or piece of art on the wall that has similar colors. There will be a sense of symmetry with the art and the rug working together to create unity. Another take on the subject is to paint your wall blue and to add pink accents like a pink rug. These colors combined exactly right can bring beautiful contrasts into a modern interior. These colors when seen together exude luxury and tenderness.

A hot pink oriental rug can be placed in any number of unusual spots as the color along dictates a unique placement. Try it as a runner in a bath in front of a two-sink cabinet with neutral walls and floors. Consider it for a runner over oak wood floors in a white and gray kitchen. It makes a wonderful floor covering beneath a dining table surrounded by white wall and set before large windows that look out over a garden.

Bright pink rug may initially seem daunting, until you see how others have used it quite successfully to decorate their homes. In just the right settings coupled with the right complementary colors, bright pink works well on the floor in a comfortable and well-designed rug.

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