Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction Or ED?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most frustrating and common problems reported by many men today. Erectile dysfunction doctors fort lauderdale estimate that more than 30 million men suffer from this sex-related problem. The question many people ask is: Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? Both premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are all linked to weakness of the nerves, blood vessels as hormonal imbalances

While we are in a world that is liberal and in which people are free to do anything provided it does not affect others, there are certain aspects that remain controversial and whose health effects remain largely debatable. One of these things that many people do but do not agree is masturbation. Research has shown that personal pleasure and things that bring about it are not bad provided that they are done with regulation. When masturbation is done excessively and frequently, it is likely to weaken the muscles around the pennies. This means that those engaged in excessive masturbating are at a risk of developing a variety of health conditions, and one of them is erectile dysfunction.

If you want to know the extent to which excessive masturbation can impact your health, then you need to know what your key body organs go through as you masturbate. Every time you masturbate, you put a lot of pressure and strain on the tissues and the muscles that are involved in the ejaculation and erectile processes. When you do so frequently without giving them ample time to recover and be restored, they will become weaker and unable to do what they ought to do in a normal case. You need to ensure the nerves leading o the penile area are in a good shape so as they carry the right amount of blood to sustain your erection throughout the sexual period. But because your sexual reproductive system doesn’t have time to recover, it means that they will continue to weaken every time you are enjoying yourself.

For this reason, erectile dysfunction is as common as premature ejaculation since they share some of the causes. Therefore, you need to ensure that as much as you want to pleasure yourself, it should be moderated to avoid the extreme side effects such as ED. Because ED is associated with low self esteem and reduces quality of life and damaged relationships, it is only fair that you avoid masturbation to stay sexually stronger and aggressive. If you have ED or suspect you are suffering from it, talk to erectile dysfunction doctors Fort Lauderdalen for help.

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