Hair Follicle Drug Testing: What You Need to Know

If you’re required to take a drug test, you might be wondering what kind of drug test it will be. One common type of drug test is the hair follicle drug test. This type of drug test can detect drugs that were used up to 90 days ago! In this blog post, we will discuss how Hair Follicle Drug Testing Toowoomba works and what you need to do to prepare for one.

A hair follicle drug test is performed by collecting a sample of your hair, usually from the back of your head. The sample is then sent to a laboratory where it will be tested for traces of drugs and their metabolites. This type of test is highly accurate since it looks for both the parent drug and its metabolized form, which can remain in the body longer than the parent drug itself.

In order to ensure accuracy, you must take certain steps before having this type of test done. First, you should avoid using any kind of hair product for at least 72 hours prior to testing. This includes shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, and gels that may contain substances that could interfere with an accurate result. Additionally, you should not use any other drugs or medications during this time period, as they could also interfere with the results. Finally, if you are taking prescription medication, you must inform the laboratory beforehand so that they can take the necessary precautions to ensure an accurate test result.

Once your sample has been tested, the results will be available within a few days and will indicate whether or not there were traces of drugs found in the sample. If there were traces of drugs detected, then it may be necessary to arrange for further testing or counseling before any legal action is taken. In some cases, a positive result may simply mean that more information is needed in order to make an informed decision about how best to proceed. No matter what the outcome of the drug test, it is important to discuss it with a healthcare provider or counselor in order to make sure that all possible issues are addressed.

Drug testing can be an essential part of any comprehensive drug prevention and treatment program. By understanding the process and knowing when and how to conduct them, employers and other organizations can ensure that their employees and members are adhering to legal, ethical, and health-related standards regarding substance abuse. With proper preparation and knowledge of the testing procedure, organizations can ensure accurate results while providing a safe environment for those who may be at risk for developing addiction or engaging in risky behaviors. Hair Follicle Drug Testing Toowoomba.

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