Holistic Breathwork Learning: Breath Medicine

The ancient practices and wisdom of the Tao have been shown to put in order the mind, body, and soul. This is the main pillar of breath medicine, a science-based and therapeutic technique for treating stress and trauma. Breath medicine is an all-encompassing avenue for identifying and reviving inner talents to help people live a balanced and meaningful life. The best breathwork teacher training covers various areas of this modality including but not limited to biodynamic breathwork, trauma release, Chinese belly massage, and rebirthing transformational breathwork. It encompasses different areas of therapeutic bodyworks from somatic movement, herbal regimens, and dance.

What Are the Benefits of Breath Medicine

When you discover yourself, you start welcoming curiosity. Only then can you achieve a healthy release of the stagnant energy inside you and awaken hidden resources. On a personal level, breath medicine improves your capacity to experience a deeper connection, pleasure, and joy. At the end of the training, you will be taking home habits that can give you long-term health benefits. The process of releasing past traumatic feelings starts with embodying the present. Are you conversant with the language of touch? There are powerful meditation tools that allow you to feel more protected and grounded. These are tools that can turn your rage into a celebration. They can also change your life from a painful to a peaceful experience through forgiveness. Emotional resilience allows you to feel more powerful and respected. Enroll for breath medicine and join an inspiring community that will give you a life time of connections.

Professionally breath medicine gives you the confidence to start workshops and groups. You need this conviction to design personalized sessions. You also gain knowledge of the right tools to diagnose and comprehend different body structures and types. Powerful mindfulness and meditation tools are helpful in creating programs that will benefit others. Lastly, breath medicine training is an opportunity to network. You can start training people to discover their voices and open expressions. Keep in mind that you don’t need prior experience in breathwork of self-healing.

Breath Medicine brings together the teachings from different areas of study- spiritual and academic. The major focus is Taoist practices that provide quintessential knowledge of the human body and vitality. If you are a traditional healer or health practitioner and would like to add breathwork into your session, then breath medicine training is for you. Desire to learn the arts of healing so you can help other people better. Remember at the end of the training, you will become a certified best breathwork teacher training.

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