How To Publish Android Apps

Most things are available on the internet and, to be specific, in a different application. Technology experts have created apps, and thus they need them to reach their particular users, which can be done through publishing. Publishing an android application is the usual process that enables your users to get connected to the applications. When one starts the whole process to publish Apps, they specifically engage in two main methods: preparation for android app release and releasing the application to the targeted users.If you are publishing an app, the following process will be of great help.

Steps on How to Publish Android App

Preparation for App Release

Once you have created your App, you prepare to release it to the users. The process involves the following several steps:
Set up the android app for release. Ensure characters such as the log calls and the android debug gable are removed from the apparent file. Provide an android version code and android version name values.
Build and sign the version you want your application to be released on.
Test the release version you have built for your App
Update the app resources that will be used for release.
Prepare remote servers that your app relies on.

App Publishing

Releasing android apps can be done in several ways. It can be released through the application marketplace, sending the App directly to the user or deciding to release the App on your website. App marketplaces provide a wide reach out to your app users. There are several market places you can choose from that suits your specifications. The following procedure leads one to how they can easily release their android app through app marketplaces:

Prepare promotional materials such as videos and graphics.
Set up uploading assets; this gives you a chance to choose the languages or countries you want your App to reach.

Publish Android App the desired release version of the android app, website releasing can be done by creating a ready APK file for release and then producing a download link for the users to download. Once the download link is clicked on, the file gets downloaded, and the automatically android system begins installing the App.


In order to publish an app, there are some extra tasks you may perform. They may include getting a private key that will sign your application, icon creation for the App, and need an End User License Agreement preparation that offers protection to the organization or the intellectual property.

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