All About Hydraulic Cylinders Brisbane

Hydraulic systems are popular because of the power they can deliver. The most important components of a hydraulic system are; the oil tank, hydraulic pump, pipes, valves and the hydraulic cylinder. The latter is used to convert fluid pressure to a linear force. The most common hydraulic cylinders Brisbane residents should know are single-acting hydraulic cylinders. This is simply a hollow metallic tube with one side closed off and a piston rod moving inside. At the closed end of the cylinder is the intake port. When the valve is released, pressurized fluid rushes into the cylinder, thereby pushing the piston rod in front. The pressure is so great that the piston can push a load weighing several tonnes. With time, the piston, oil seals, intake port and the cylinder itself may wear out and develop problems. When this happens, there are two things you can do. The first is to replace the entire cylinder. The second is to carry out cylinder repairs.

Hydraulic cylinder Repairs

Depending on the type of damage on the cylinder, the repairs can be as simple as replacing the oil seals around the piston or as complicated as removing the piston rod and straightening it. The latter can be done if the piston rod, due to excessive forces, bent to accommodate the excess forces. In some cases, the cylinder just needs to be serviced and the entire system cleaned to remove metal filings and sand particles among other things.

If the cylinder has been damaged beyond repair, however, the best option would be to replace it. In such a case, you have to find a reliable dealer with the exact make and model of cylinder.

Choosing the Right Repair Firm

Whether you choose to repair the cylinder or replace it, make sure you choose the right mechanical engineering or hydraulic technology firm to offer the required services. Ideally, you should deal with factory-trained and authorised dealers to ensure you get the highest quality products and services. These professionals usually have access to genuine parts that are sourced directly from the manufacturer, so you can be assured of quality.

Be sure to also obtain a quote from each of the firms you find and do a comparison to identify the best firm to work with. Cylinder repair costs usually differ from one firm to the next, so it pays to do a comparison. Similarly, the price quoted by a firm for a new cylinder may not be the same as what another firm may quote, so price comparisons can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for value for money.

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