Lie Detector Test—A Useful Tool To Get The Job Done

To criticize a lie detector test for not being hundred percent accurate is the wrong way of looking at the issue. The purpose of the test is not solely to identify liars. It is to help you decide whether the person in front of you is lying or not.

Viewing it as a tool like a smartphone that allows you to talk to persons situated far away or emails that allow you to exchange mails in a jiffy is the right approach. Computer technology has made significant advancements over the past few decades. Yet, experts are in agreement that the human brain is the most powerful central processing unit ever created.

Despite our best efforts, we are yet to create any technology that is as intelligent, innovative and intuitive as the human brain. So, expecting any technology to function better than the human brain is asking too much. Yet, conducting a lie detector test is a smart move for the following reasons.

By itself, the detector test may not identify liars all the time. However, in the hands of an experienced interviewer who understands how the test really works, the tool can be a very reliable solution indeed.

Secondly, one must understand that there is no real alternative to this technology. The only other option is to ask the interviewee whether he or she is lying. If you don’t want to show blind faith in the answers the interviewee is providing, then this test is pretty much the only option available in your hands.

Thirdly, such a test has a significant psychological impact on the person answering the question. Setting up a detector test for a job interview is the easiest way to send the message across that the position is one of immense responsibility. This, in itself, can be a detriment to those who are not suitable for the position. Announcing that you will be conducting such a test is the easiest way to get the message across that speaking the truth is the simplest, safest, and easiest way out.

Finally, you can treat the test like a game that can be played by both parties. Somebody will have to be a very good liar to lie to a highly reliable system that is being run by an experienced interviewer. An expert conducting the test will know how to use thing like facial expressions, body language, gestures, and even pauses to convey the right impression. All this should be more than enough for you to get the end result that you seek from the test—the complete truth.

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