Multi Picture Frame Mounts

A gallery display of pictures is a remarkable method of infusing any space with style and warmth. This could involve placing your favorite photos into multi picture frame mounts, individual frames of different shapes and sizes and hanging them in a preferred pattern. However, there are some general guidelines below that could assist you in making your wall look particularly gorgeous:

• You should hang your frames at eye level (marginally above 5 feet from the floor). If you have high ceilings, they can be hung a little bit higher.

• Use similar photo styles like sepia or black and white, similar frames or matte color to assist with the display coming together. You could also benefit from contrasting. For example, if your photos are all black and white, add some pizzazz by using frames of varying sizes and textures.

• Some simple yet interesting arrangements include rectangular or diamond shapes. You should consider choosing one that can be easily added to until an overall shape is formed that works well for you.

• If your space is limited, collages or multi picture frame mounts could be the best option for you. These types of frames allow you to artfully display several photos in a limited amount of space. There are a number of options in this category and both tabletop and hanging designs can be easily found.

• Consider a great hanging kit as this could work wonders in assisting you with easily and efficiently completing your picture wall display.

Creating the Picture Wall of Your Dreams

• Figure out the type look you’re going for; this could include homey, sleek, artsy or whimsical.

• Select the photographs you would like to feature. Starting out with more pictures than you need and narrowing down based on fit, mood or space is a good idea.

• Before nailing anything in the wall, lay out the frames on the floor and play around with various arrangements to see how they will look. Begin in the middle and work outwards. For instance, if you want a rectangular design, select your wall and place three matching size frames in the middle to create a focal point. Then create rows, grouping photographs roughly 1 to 2 inches apart, to make a rectangle or square. Once you find a shape you like, it can be transferred to the wall frame by frame.

Having a decorating buddy for this project is a great idea. He or she can help to ensure everything is level and provide valuable feedback on the pattern as it takes shape.

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