Take A Shot At Pole Dancing

Are you a coordinated and sensual person who wants to dance and stay in fit? If so, pole dancing may be for you. Contrary to belief, it is not just for strippers anymore. It is for housewives, girlfriends and anyone else who wants to stay physically fit. Think of it as a form of dancing that requires stamina and coordination, but you can still personalize it according to your style, convenience and exercise level.

This is a form of dance that was once only regulated to dirty smoke-filled strip clubs, but now it has taken center stage in well-known places such as Las Vegas and other professional dancing establishments. Long gone are the days in which dancing on the pole is seen only as a way for exotic dancers to entertain men for money.


It takes a lot of flexibility and strength to perform this type of dancing successfully. As a matter of fact, many perceive it to be an actual sporting event. It is a great way to have fun and stay fit at the same time. There are even competitions for this popular dancing craze if you learn it and do it well.

Bedroom Fun

Pole dancing has also become a very popular event in the average bedroom. Instead of the familiar treadmill, stair stepper or exercise bike, you’ll probably see a vertical pole instead. Since there are both permanent and portable dance poles, you can dance in your bedroom and store your pole away for another time.

A lot of women like to pole dance as a way to not only keep fit but to also add spice to their love lives. The best thing is that you can pole dance in the privacy of your own home as a form of exercise, relaxation or downright hanky panky for you and a loved one.


You don’t have to start out as a professional dancer. Just like with anything else, it will take time for you to learn various spins, climbs and other pole dancing moves. If you don’t feel confident enough as a pole dancer, sign up for a local class. These days, these classes are just as abundant as other forms of dancing such as ballet, ballroom, rhumba or hip-hop.

If you know that dancing is in your blood and you want to start a fitness program that does not require traditional exercise equipment like the treadmill or elliptical machine, then pole dancing may be just what you need.

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