The Pool Chemicals To Start With To Prepare For Opening And Maintenance

Before the summer weather gets here, there is work to do to get your pool ready. When you are doing maintenance to prepare for opening, you are going to need the right chemical treatments. You will need to deal with problems like algae and contamination. You are also going to need to shock the pool and continue with maintenance. The following pool chemical information will help you get ready for opening your pool and continue with best pool supplies:

Algae Treatments to Clean Blooms

The problems with algae blooms might be some of the first issues you need to deal with when you are ready to open your pool. There are different types of algae treatments that can be added to the water. These may be treatments to deal with a bloom, or they may be to prevent problems with algae from starting. You are going to want to start with these treatments and continue them throughout the season. Maintaining these treatments is especially important if there was an existing algae problem before you opened your pool.

Chlorine Shock Treatments to Clear Water

There are also shock treatments that you will need to treat your pool. The chlorine shock treatments can be started early when you are preparing to open your pool. They can also continue through the season. You want to add the shock treatment to the water after extremely hot weather or whenever your pool has had heavy use. This may be after pool parties or summer heatwaves.

PH Additives to Help Balance the Water

Another important part of pool maintenance is watching the PH levels. It is important to make sure the PH levels in your water are balanced. Therefore, you may need to add chemicals to the water when the PH is too high or too low. You can contact a pool supply service to get the treatments you need to balance the PH in your pool. This will prevent problems like algae blooms and help balance the chlorine levels.

Chlorine and Clarification Treatments for Water

Lastly, there are also chlorine and clarification treatments. These are some of the pool supplies that you are going to need to do the maintenance throughout the swimming season. You will want to get the type of chlorine tablets and granules that you need to add treatments to your pool. The clarification treatments will make it much easier to keep your pool clean.

These are the pool chemicals you are going to need to open your pool and prepare for maintenance. Contact a pool supply service to get the best pool supplies for upkeep after you open.

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