The Proper Way to Seal Your Wood Deck

As spring arrives, it’s time to take a close look at your wood deck. After harsh winter months, your deck may need a little TLC to bring it back to its original glory. The best way to do that is to properly seal it. But which is the best wood deck sealer for your deck?

The type of sealer you select will depend on your desired results, budget, and type of wood your deck is made of. It’s important to choose the right wood deck sealer for your deck. If you choose the wrong one, it may not look good, or worse, it may not protect your deck.

Before you start sealing your deck, you should check the weather forecast. Ideal weather for deck sealing is when temperatures are above 50 degrees and it’s not too humid. Also, make sure rain isn’t in the forecast for at least 48 hours. Waiting for the right weather is important so that your sealer can properly dry.

Now, let’s take a look at different types of wood deck sealer. The first option is a clear sealer. A clear sealer provides the least amount of protection but is still an option for a newly built deck. It works best with a wood that has a pleasant look as it will enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Another type of wood deck sealer is a semi-transparent stain, which will give a slight color enhancement to the wood. This type of stain will provide more protection than the clear sealer but still show the natural look of the wood.

If you want to change the color of your wood but maintain the grain’s beauty, then a semi-solid stain will be your best wood deck sealer option. On the other hand, a solid stain covers the wood grain, providing a more consistent finish, and will give the most protection.

When it comes to deciding which sealer to use, consider how much maintenance you want to invest in the future. Clear sealer and semi-transparent stain will need to be reapplied every year, while the semi-solid and solid stains can be reapplied every three to five years.

One option that combines both protection and aesthetic appeal is a water-repellent sealer. This type of sealer protects against water damage and cracking, extending the lifespan of your deck. It’s perfect for those living in humid or rainy areas.

Now that you have chosen the best wood deck sealer for your deck, it’s time to prepare it for sealing. Start by removing any dirt, mildew, and debris. A pressure washer can work wonders, but be careful not to damage the wood. Allow your deck to dry completely before sealing.

Applying the sealer is easy and can be done with a paint roller or a sprayer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Start with the railings and work your way down to the deck boards. Apply even strokes and try to avoid lap marks.

Finally, once your deck is sealed, let it dry for a day or two before using it. It will need time to cure and settle in.

The best wood deck sealer depends on your desired results, budget, and the type of wood your deck is made of. Clear sealer, semi-transparent stain, semi-solid stain, or solid stain each offer different levels of protection and maintenance needs. Consider your location and climate before choosing a sealer. Properly sealing your deck will keep it looking beautiful and extending its lifetime.

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