The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Inflatable Dinghy!

Are you in search of a new inflatable dinghy? If so, you’re in luck. Dinghies are essential for many kinds of water activities, from fishing to exploring waterways. But, with many kinds of dinghies in the market, what should you look for when choosing a new one?

Size matters

The size of your inflatable dinghy is vital. If you plan to take many passengers, pick a bigger vessel. The bigger the dinghy, the more weight it can hold, and the more spacious it can be. However, larger dinghies require more time to inflate and more challenging to transport to and from the water. Also, it needs more storage space.


The material used to make the dinghy determines how well it’ll hold up over time. Therefore, you must choose one with durable and robust material. Many inflatable dinghies are made with PVC, polyurethane, or Hypalon, which are long-lasting materials.


Portability is a factor to consider while purchasing a new inflatable dinghy. If you plan to use it regularly, choose one that’s easy to inflate and deflate so you can tote it wherever you go. You don’t want a boat that will spend a tremendous amount of time on potential ports instead of the water.


Choose a lightweight inflatable dinghy as it’ll be easy to transport. Inflatable dinghies are ideal for backpacking, kayaking expeditions, and remote fishing. Therefore, selecting a lightweight dinghy makes it easy for you to carry it.


The cost of inflatable dinghies is a significant factor to consider. Dinghies prices vary, with some ranging from 100 dollars to over 2, 000 dollars. The higher the price, the more robust and more feature-packed dinghy you’ll get. However, choose one that suits your budget.


While purchasing a new inflatable dinghy may be all you need, some accessories may be necessary. Life jackets, oars, and air pumps should be listed down, even if you think about buying them later. Remember, possession of life jackets is the law in most states. If you don’t have oars, you’ll need a motor for your dinghy.


Lastly, consider the inflatable dinghy design and features. Be sure to pick one that comes with features that match your preferences. For example, some new inflatable dinghies have inflatable seats, built-in fishing rod holders, and motor mounts.

Purchasing a new inflatable dinghy is a great investment. Consider the size, material, portability, cost, weight, accessories, and design to help you narrow down your options. Doing research and taking into account these essential factors will help you make the right purchase decision and provide a memorable and comfortable experience for you and your family on the water.

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