Why Buyers Are Attracted To Gold Sovereigns

A lot of people would like to get into gold investing but they are not quite sure where to begin. Gold bars are too expensive and jewelry has added premium due to the designs. If you want a more affordable and practical way to invest in this precious metal, then consider gold coins. You don’t have to look to far to find excellent options. The UK has minted gold sovereigns since 1817. Every monarch who reigned over the empire has had the privilege of being immortalized in these coins. Below are some of the reasons why these have become popular to buyers:

Trusted Coins

Gold sovereigns enjoy the trust of the investing community. They are issued by a reputable institution and have a long history of being minted. Few coins can come close to their pedigree. They also have a known mass which is 7.98805 grams of gold. You always know what you’re getting when you purchase this type of coin unlike others which make change from time to time. The face value of these coins is 1 pound sterling. They are 22.05 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 1.52 millimeters. The edges are milled so they are easy to hold in your hands.

Ideal Investments

These coins are ideal investments for beginners since they don’t cost too much. Anyone can easily purchase a single piece and build up from there. Buy more as you get more money. If you want something physical to invest in, then this is a great choice. These are sold VAT-free so you can enjoy quite a bit of savings right there. It is also exempted from the capital gains tax which means that you keep more money rather than surrendering more to the government.

Iconic Designs

The design on these coins make them easy to identify. On the reverse will always be it prime identifying feature: St. George on a horse on his way to slay a dragon with a sword and helmet. This stunning depiction is the work of Italian Benedetto Pistrucci. Below the image is the year of minting. On the other side is the bust of the reigning monarch of that year. There are coins for Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, King Edward VII, King George V, and many more.

Easy to Sell

Since they are so popular and widely trusted, it is fairly easy for holders to sell them to others who wish to purchase a bullion coin. The affordable price for a gold piece is another selling point. Collectors may want these purely for aesthetics.

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